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Anniversary Tapas

Anniversary Tapas

Last week it was our 3 year anniversary so we decided to go to our favourite restaurant and indulge in some amazing grub.

Barceloneta, a quaint and traditional Spanish tapas restaurant, is situated on Queens Road in Leicester. It has been open and satisfying hungry visitors since 1990 and has been our favourite restaurant for the last 3 years when we first discovered this little gem.

BacelonetaBacelonetaBaceloneta You are always greeted with a smile and the traditional Spanish decor never fails to set your tastebuds tingling and tummy rumbling. BacelonetaBacelonetaBacelonetaBacelonetaBacelonetaBaceloneta We start by ordering a jug of sangria, the best we’ve ever tasted. BacelonetaBaceloneta Once you’ve been passed one of the vast and quite overwhelming menus you are told that for two people about 4-5 tapas dished should be enough… we are obviously never able to just choose 4-5 so usually opt for about 8! What? We are hungry people. We also always write down our selections in our phones, there’s so many dishes to choose from and remember that it’s almost impossible without writing it all down. BacelonetaBaceloneta This time we ordered a selection of seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes although the seafood is so good that it’s hard not to just stick to this. Our favourite dish and one we order ever time is king scallops wrapped in jamon and sage, cooked in a sweet sherry sauce. This is utterly delicious and something quite special. BacelonetaOther seafood and fish selections included deep friend fresh squid served with lemon aioli, Scottish crab and prawn Croquetas served with a lemon mayonnaise and home salted cod wrapped in prosciutto.BacelonetaBacelonetaBaceloneta We also choose some delicious Spanish style BBQ ribs in a smokey honey, soy and worcester sauce along with a mouth-watering dish of chorizo and pimento cooked in red wine… so tasty. Lastly, another firm favourite of ours, goats cheese balls served with chilli marmalade and drizzled with honey. You have to try these when you visit, they’re a cheese lovers dream. BacelonetaBacelonetaBacelonetaThe tapas tradition is to gather at ‘tascas’ (watering holes providing food) for a glass of drink and to sample a wide range of different and tasty dishes amongst friends, although it’s also very romantic and perfect to share with your better half.BacelonetaBaceloneta

As you probably guessed, we demolished the lot! Every time we visit it never fails to amaze us how tasty and moreish every dish is.

We poured the last of our sangria, toasted to the last 3 years together, and then headed home with full bellies and even fuller hearts.

…look out for our next blog post, it’s a very, very exciting one!


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