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6 Things You Must Do in Marrakech, Morocco

6 Things You Must Do in Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is a beautiful city, full of plenty of culture and incredible food.

It can be quite a daunting place when you first arrive, so it’s good to do your research before travelling to ensure you know what to expect, we explain this a little more in this blog post.

Once you are prepared for Marrakech it honestly is a magical place with so many treasures to be discovered, here are our top 6 things you must do when in the city.

1. Stay in a traditional Moroccan Riad

You absolutely cannot come to Marrakech without staying in a Riad. A Riad is a traditional moroccan house which has been built around a central courtyard, most of which tend to have a pool. What we love most about Riads is that they are usually family/independently run so you receive a really personal, friendly experience. Marrakech is a busy city and it’s so refreshing to be able to leave the hustle and bustle and dive straight into the calm oasis of a Riad. Our favourite Riad is Le Riad Yasmine which is in the heart of the medina and really is breathtaking.

> Read about it here:  Staying at Le Riad Yasmine, Marrakech

Wanderlust Us Travel Blog - Le Riad Yasmine, Marrakech, Morocco

2. Dine at a rooftop cafe and watch the sun set

It’s no secret that our favourite time of day is sun set and when in Marrakech there is nothing more magical than dining at a roof top cafe, eating traditional Moroccan food whilst watching the sun burn down behind the horizon. There are plenty of options in the centre of Marrakech but our favourites were Nomad and Atay Cafe, both had delicious menues and incredible views.

> Read about it here: Sunset Dining at Cafe Atay, Marrakech

Wanderlust Us Travel Blog - Rooftop Cafe, Marrakech, Morocco

3. Sleep under the stars in the desert

If you come to Morocco you must spend at least one evening in the desert. You have the choice of the Agafay Desert, which is about a 30 minute drive from the centre of Marrakech, or you can travel a little further and find yourself in the Sahara. We explain the key differences between the two in the link below. We decided to stay in the Agafay Desert after seeing breathtaking photographs on Instagram of the Scarabeo Desert Camp, when we saw it we knew we had to stay there. The most amazing experience was coming out of our tent in the evening to see the stars glittering in the sky, we have honestly never seen so many, it was the icing on the cake of our Moroccan trip.

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Wanderlust Us Travel Blog - Scarabeo Camp, Agafay Desert, Marrakech, Morocco

4. Unearth the local culture

Marrakech is a city with so much colourful culture, you really cannot come here without soaking it all in. We booked a guided tour one day and really got to learn a lot about the people, their way of life, the architecture and the religion, all of which was very fascinating and eye opening. Some of out favourite spots were; the medina, the spices market, the vast souks, Koutoubia Minaret mosque, Ben Youssef Madrasa, the YSL Majorelle Gardens, the list really is endless.

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Wanderlust Us Travel Blog - Experiencing the Culture, Marrakech, Morocco

5. Experience Souk shopping

It’s crazy, it’s fun, it’s a little bit intimidating, but it has to be done. When in Marrakech you have to experience the maze of souks, there are literally hundreds of stalls selling beautiful treasures and trinkets in traditional Moroccan style just waiting to be haggled for. We ended up bringing home a beautiful silver teapot set which we bartered down for about half an hour, but that was the fun of it. We also spent almost two hours in a berber rug store, learning all about how they are crafted and shipped to different parts of the globe. It’s a great thing to experience when in Marrakech, just take a deep breath and dive right in.

> Read about it here: Exploring the Maze of Morocco

Wanderlust Us Travel Blog - Shopping in the Souks, Marrakech, Morocco

6. Finally, drink endless mint tea

We developed a rather unhealthy addiction to mint tea when we were in the city. It’s absolutely delicious, they add sugar to dried mint leaves which makes it super sweet, like nectar. Although hot, it’s actually so refreshing when you’ve been in the Moroccan heat all day long. We had it with breakfast, with lunch, with a mid-afternoon ice cream and as a night cap… we couldn’t get enough of the stuff!

Wanderlust Us Travel Blog - Mint Tea, Marrakech, Morocco


Wanderlust Us Travel Blog – 6 Things to do in Marrakech, Morocco


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