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Our Balinese Adventure: Part 4

Our Balinese Adventure: Part 4

So after a whirlwind few weeks post engagement we are now going back to usual proceedings… Part 4 of our Balinese adventure.

We gave you a sneak peek into our wonderful villa at The Laguna Resort and Spa in our first Bali blog post so thought it’d be rude not to share some more photographs with you.


It really was pretty epic, we felt like Jay Z and Beyonce.

After awaking at the crack of dawn in our luxury villa we were off on another adventure, this time exploring the North of Bali.

First stop was a traditional Balinese market.


We also got to see how the locals made the prayer offerings that we had become so accustomed to seeing on our travels.


After sampling some local delights, we carried on North to Gitgit waterfall.


From leaving the car the walk to the waterfall was picturesque, a winding maze of photo opportunities around every bend. So many sights to take in and lots of friendly locals selling many different and interesting handmade souvenirs.


Gitgit waterfall is 35 meters high and really was breathtaking. We felt tiny standing in front of this natural and beautiful landform, the water crashed and the spray against our skin was incredibly refreshing, much needed after walking around in the thirty degrees heat all morning.


It was also fantastic to see the local children enjoying Gitgit too.


After paddling our toes we headed back to the car, the next stop was Ulun Danu Bratan Temple.


The temple appears to be floating on Lake Bratan, in the misty distance you can just about make out the silhouette of Bedugul mountains.

The temple was built in 1663 and locals conduct offering ceremonies for Dewi Danu, the Balinese water, lake and river goddess.


We sat for a while at the temple, the surroundings were very spiritual and brought upon us a sense of calm and peacefulness.

Picking ourselves up we continued on to the final part of our Northern adventure; bathing in the Angseri Hot Springs.

It began to rain so we popped up our umbrellas and made our way down into the depth of the Balinese rice fields.


A welcome rest from the rain we sunk into the warm natural water, full of sulphites and minerals, a refreshing treat and quality time to reflect on the days activities.


Not wanting the bathing to stop there, when we got back to our villa we hopped straight into our private pool to watch the sun set on a magical day.



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