Sailing the Adriatic Sea – Yacht Getaways Croatia Explorer

Sailing the Adriatic Sea – Yacht Getaways Croatia Explorer

Every one of us has a bucket list, we all have dream destinations and travel experiences we want to tick off! For us, one of these was taking a trip on a yacht and sailing from destination to destination.

We were lucky enough to tick this off our bucket list last week, thanks to Yacht Getaways.

We spent the week sailing Croatia, from island to island, on their Croatia Explorer Southern route!

We started our trip in Trogir, Split. A gorgeously quiet and relaxed town with some fantastic gelato spots and a palm tree lined promenade along the harbour.

It was here we boarded our catamaran for the week.

Once on board the Mercureyi we met our host and skipper; Alice and Nino, and set sail for the first time that afternoon.

Our first stop was the small island of Salta, a hilly island covered with beautiful fragrant herbs and flowers.

We moored up and explored the island before stopping for a late dinner overlooking the bay.

We ate freshly caught fish, deliciously barbecued and accompanied with feta salad.

After dinner we spent our first night sleeping on board. With the windows open we snoozed with the sound of the Adriatic Sea lapping against the sides of our boat, bliss!

The next morning we ate breakfast, set the sails and set off on route to Stari Grad, on the island of Hvar.

This is one of the oldest towns in Europe with buildings as old as 4,000 years, apparent with every dusty side street we wandered down.

We decided to visit Hora Farm, set on the UNESCO Stari Grad Plain, for a spot of wine tasting.

We sipped four wines and sampled some of the organic produce farmed there; delicious cheese, fresh baby tomatoes and cured meats.

We even met this little fella whilst exploring the vineyards!

In the evening we took a taxi to Hvar town, a lot busier with a cosmopolitan feel, but still really beautiful.

We started at the top of the town, taking in the picturesque views.

Then later we found a backstreet to grab a sundowner during sunset.

The following morning we set off and stopped for lunch in a quiet, secluded bay.

We enjoyed the midday heat with some sunbathing, snorkelling and jumping off the boat into the glittering sea!

That evening we moored up at Zarace bay in Hvar. A very quiet island with only a couple of spots for dinner.

We split our time between the two, sipping cocktails at one and eating fresh seafood at the other.

The following day we set sail to our favourite island of the trip; Korcula.

Korcula is a charming island with hundred of beautiful backstreets.

You are rewarded with a perfect view of this maze after climbing St. Mark’s Cathedral bell tower.

During our evening in Korcula we sipped cocktails at the top of Massimo Cocktail Bar.

Lodged in the turret of the Zakerjan Tower, and only accessible by ladder, they bring the drinks up the side of the tower by a pulley!

Later on we also sampled the local speciality; freshly made and silky smooth macaroni, yum!

After dinner we enjoyed sunset overlooking the harbour and attempted to find our way back out of the Korcula maze to our catamaran.

The best thing about our Yacht Getaways trip was the extensive local knowledge of our host and skipper.

They always knew the best places to visit and the unique things to see and do.

The following morning they took us for a quick stop off at Deer Island.

We took some rice crackers with us and fed the resident deer by hand! It was such an amazing and unique experience.

Afterwards we disappeared up the hillside, behind the working monastery, to take in the panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea.

To cool off from the heat of the short climb, we dove into the cooling water and swam back to the boat!

Our next stop was Mljet National Park, somewhere we had both been so excited to visit, and we certainly weren’t disappointed.

After mooring up we grabbed a couple of ebikes and rode twenty minutes to Veliko Jezero lake. You can cycle around the lake in around an hour or two, stopping at different inlets to take a dip.

Midway round we found a small island with a monastery on it, the perfect spot to grab some shade and a cool drink we thought.

We found a flag, frantically waved it, and to our surprise a local boatman came to pick us up and sailed us across to the island.

Mljet is an incredible beautiful island, one of Croatia’s greenest; covered in forests and scattered with emerald salt pools and lakes. It’s the perfect island to spend time relaxing and admiring the rich nature of the country.

We awoke the following morning to bird song and the sunlight pouring through our cabin hatch.

After another delicious breakfast we set off on route to Sipan.

Sipan is the largest of the Elaphiti Islands, famous for its wine and the laid-back ambiance. There are some lovely up market restaurants situated around the harbour as well as a great pizza joint.

It was here that we witnessed the best sunset of our trip, the sky turned from bright blue, to amber, to purple, and then to navy. Sipan became perfectly lit up by the full moon and a sky full of stars.

That evening our host Alice set up a little spot on top of the boat for us to sleep for the evening.

We snoozed under the stars that night, feeling the gently rocking of the catamaran floating on the sea and dreaming of this perfect Croatian sailing trip.

We awoke early, watching the sun rise on another exciting day in Croatia, as today we were heading to our final stop, Dubrovnik.

Being big game of throne fans we were thrilled when we approached the city walls and our Skipper Nino started playing the theme tune out loud from the catamaran.

We spent the afternoon slowly sailing around the old town walls, taking thousands of photos of this iconic beauty.

That evening we moored up at Dubrovnik Harbour, we had the option of heading into Old Town that evening or staying at the Harbour.

We choose the latter, we wanted to make the most of our last night on board the Mercureyi!

The next morning we said a sad farewell to Alice, Nino and the four other guests we’d made great friends with and took a taxi into Dubrovnik Old Town.

Whilst in Old Town we soaked in the incredible atmosphere of this beautiful, ancient, walled city.

In the afternoon, just before sunset, we decided to walk the circumference of the monstrous wall.

From this perspective you really get to marvel at the stunning architecture of the numerous bell towers and the iconic Croatian orange-roofed buildings.

This was definitely a highlight of our trip. Although Dubrovnik is very busy and touristic, it should certainly still be very high on your bucket list!

That evening we found a small side street, with a cute restaurant that served Croatian style tapas.

We ate fresh squid, grilled lamb with rosemary and local lavender, and mouthwatering tomato salad.

We clinked glasses and cheers to the perfect trip.

Croatia really did exceed all of our expectations and we would honestly put this down to the incredible hospitality, service and knowledge of Yacht Getaways, and our host and skipper; Nino and Alice.

So what are you waiting for? Get booking your Croatian yacht adventure now, you seriously won’t regret it!

Check out our cinematic video of the trip below…

This post is sponsored by Yacht Getaways, however all views are our own! We enjoyed our Croatia trip so much and we really recommend it be added to your bucket list immediately!



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